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In this day and age, owning a website or homepage has become increasingly important for all businesses, large or small. Even individuals discover that seting up personal websites say so much about themselves.

Whether you've already found the design you want, or need us to help you find one, we are happy to offer professional quality designs and layout that are both affordable and 'value for money'.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

"You can build the best mousetrap in the world but the world will not beat a path to your door if no one knows about it", so marketing gurus tell you.

The same marketing principle applies to websites. In order for people to find you, you have to feature prominently in search engines. Hence, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is an essential feature for any online business aiming to be successful.

Attain top 10 rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Askjeeves by making your webpages search engine-friendly, in addition to using metatags, image tags and H1 tags when necessary.

Design portfolio


Owners: The Little Penang Street Project

Little Penang is organised by a group of Penang people who care about keeping Penang culturally vibrant. It aims to provide a regular market-place and platform for Penang-based talents in arts and crafts, design and music. Adrian is proud to be a part of this organising committee.

The inaugural Little Penang Street Market was launched on 30 July 2006, and from then on it is held on the last Sunday of every month. Market times are 10am to 6pm at Upper Penang Road. See the photo galleries and press reviews on the website for a view of the market and current highlights.

Little Penang is a non-profit project coordinated by Lestari Heritage Network with a grant from The Institute for Cultural Enterprise (ICE), New York. With sponsorship from The Institute for Cultural Enterprise, The Garage, Tourism Penang, Upper Penang Road Promotional Society, Instant Trading and Community Works.



Owners: The Penang Global Ethic Project

Building on Penang's distinctive multi-cultural identity, the Global Ethic Project aims to foster an awareness and understanding of the many religions practiced by humankind. Whatever form one's god assumes, the core lesson taught is the same – that good and ethical conduct oversee our daily doings. The Golden Rule – to do to others as you would have them do to you – is the foundation upon which compassion is built, and is the key to everlasting peace.

Before attempting to design the Global Ethic website, we first of all had to reflect upon the paradoxical nature of the subject – to teach religion without seeming religious.

Once this was overcome, we then strategised on the ideal medium – colours, words and design – to represent the thrust of Global Ethic's philosophy. This we achieved through the use of muted tones, gray for example represented the middle path, not biased one way or the other, and not given to extremes.

Via a 'rollover' technique, icons representing the different religions reveal more easily recognisable symbols and explanation relevant to each. For example, by placing the mouse over the image of the name of Mohamed in Kufi script, the crescent moon and 'Islam' is revealed. Information is neatly organised, and carefully chosen pictures enhance the essays.

Visitors can post their comments on a feedback form, thereby enhancing proactiveness.


Owners: SMK Kah Dat Metal Manufacturing Ltd.

Kah Dat offers a wide variety of services such as metal and plastic tool fabrication, metal and plastic parts manufacturing and contract manufacturing.

With their main markets in China and Japan, the website was design in three languages -- English, Mandarine and Japanese. We also saw to the copy writing and translation of other languages besides the designing and structure of the website. Although the photographes used in the website were provided, much image editing was done to enhance the colours of the photographes.

To allow better navigation of the website, the buttons on the left also indicates the section you're at with a more vibrant colour.


Owners: Conference Interpreters Asia Pacific (CIAP)

CIAP are a coalition of highly skilled international conference interpreters. Their work demands uncompromising precision, accuracy, eloquence and speed. Conference interpretation requires not only a perfect command of two or more languages, but also a specialised post-graduate university training, a quick nimble mind and a great amount of knowledge and experience of many subjects.

In an attempt to capture the nature of their work in a website, the design had to strike a delicate balance of various elements. Clean but not clinical, dynamic yet professional. These included using the right colours combined with adept layout, smooth transitions and eye-friendly text. To cap it off, the logo is a graphic representation of the world of conference interpretation.

Professional conference interpretation is the backbone of many international conferences and meetings. It is the most important decision clients make when arranging conferences. A good website communicates all this and more.


Owners: Tanjung Medical Centre

Tanjung Medical Centre (TMC) is one of the premier private hospitals in Penang. Thoroughly modern and fully equipped, they provide a full range of medical and hospital services. Their motto: to ensure that their patients are cared for with the highest standard at affordable rates.

Setting up a medical website required a thorough and in-depth research of the state of medical providers in Penang. Having gathered the necessary information, we worked out TMC's strong points and advantages and highlighted these. The hospital motto is displayed prominently together with the services provided and location – in short everything one needed to know. Despite providing a wealth of information on one page, the layout is not cluttered, and every link is clearly visible. Photographs of the hospital and personnel add an all-essential human dimension to the entire picture.


Owners: Lestari Heritage Network

The capturing and presentation of a community's heritage was quite a challenge for the design team, comprising Neo Sentuhan with the input of Khoo Salma, a noted heritage expert.

We worked around different combinations of text, pictures, textures and effects to arrive at a balance of esthetics and user-friendliness. Salma correctly reminded us that some people still depended on modems to connect to the internet!

The end result is that while the website looks impressive and informative, it is also easy to load and navigate even with 'primitive' equipment.

The colour scheme used throughout the webpages are subtle gradations of one another. This imparts a sense of continuity, flow and connection between the different sections (see the differences between the Kerala and Aceh sections for example). It also promotes the feeling of a common link or thread between the various communes.


Owners: Desaglas Sdn Bhd

Designing a website to promote a colourful product like stained glass required that we keep the design simple so as not to overwhelm the merchandise. The choice of colours for the background was also an important factor to consider - it had to be plain yet complementary. We settled on a cool shade on greenish grey.

We divided the website into four short sections, starting with an intrduction to stained glass, and then moving on to introducing the company and their products. As with all advertising websites, easy-to-find contact information is very important.



Owners: Bee Sim, Chin Mun Woh & Adrian Cheah

Soon after being cursed by Mahsuri for seven generations, the islands of Langkawi fell into Siamese control, and languished in desolation and anonymity for a long time after that. With the birth of Mahsuri's seventh generation descendant, the curse was lifted and Langkawi is now basking in glory and attention. Like a miracle, the island has been transformed literally overnight. Where once were quiet beaches and villages, now there are international hotels and restaurants galore. Langkawi's free port status (once a previlege enjoyed by Penang) has given it a big boost in domestic and foreign tourist arrivals.

The main writer of the articles, Eric Chong, used to live in Langkawi so it is not surprising that the articles have a close affinity with the island.


Owners: Etamax Sdn. Bhd.

Etamax Sdn Bhd. is a Penang-based aluminum boat building company. The website is designed like a virtual catalogue, with enlargeable thumbnails of boat models and descriptions. A online form enables customer enquiries.

In the age of ICT, virtual catalogues are the way to go. Information can be updated regularly and quickly, without the need for printing and distributing. Customers get to view the merchandise from the comfort of their home or office, make enquiries and purchase.


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The websites from 1997 to 2004 were designed by Adrian Cheah during his tenure at C-Square together with the help of
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