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The most unique feature of historical Penang is its colourful and multicultural heritage. It is not a melting pot of indistinct elements, but rather like a finely cut diamond featuring many unique facets.

It is only natural therefore that as a Penang-based company, we have adopted many of the fine characteristics of our homeground. We, for example, take great pride in imbuing our work with ever evolving, innovative, daring, exciting and refreshing ideas and concepts. The ability to break away from the everyday is not an obstacle but a welcome challenge.

But through all this, we remain realistic and humble. No customer or job too small. No design too simple.

Call us today at 604-281 5289 or e-mail us to discuss design ideas and concepts to meet your unique needs. We are committed to assisting our customers and making sure that all requirements are fulfilled.
We firmly believe that it is that dedication and passion to customer satisfaction that has made Neo Sentuhan the company that it is today.

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